Data Warehouse

Our Data Warehouse Solution is an industry proven data processing platform and warehousing technology that couples multiple low cost servers, highly available storage and robust reporting tools to achieve high levels of scalability at a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for faster analysis and decision making. This technology is the product of decades of solution development experience and allows us to efficiently manage and correlate large volumes of data, scaling from a few thousand up to Billions of CDRs/Network Events per day.

The key advantage of Warehouse Solution is that it can scale with growing data volumes, and does not require upfront investment in a computing infrastructure to support future growth. The management of multiple heterogeneous processing servers is achieved by management software, which optimizes computing utilization based on network peak demands, as opposed to a legacy system which must be sized to manage peak loads at the time of deployment.

Each processing server is off-the-shelf, easily available hardware, capable of processing a predetermined maximum portion of daily data volumes. If data volumes increase, one or more processing servers can be added to accommodate the additional volumes at that time. This approach allows an incremental investment in low-cost hardware as required, but also allows the providers to leverage technology advances in computing over time. DataMind® delivers linear scalability as the service provider's subscriber base and data volumes grow since each processing server is an independent processing unit (CPU, I/O, memory, and storage).