Fraud Management

Our Fraud Management solution is a cutting edge Analytics Engine addressing Customer Risk Management for traditional wire-line, wireless (pre and post-paid), VoIP, data, cable and next generation networks. It enables network service providers to manage the financial risk posed by subscribers in a proactive manner. The Fraud Management Analytics Engine maximizes a service provider’s operating margin and minimizes their financial risk across fraud, credit, and bad debt by managing the risk of subscribers before they are activated in the network and throughout their lifecycle.

Our Fraud Management solution brings the following key values to the Telecom Regulator: -

  • Reduce the number of illegal calls in the country
  • Increase the revenues of the legal operators and the government
  • Help to improve the QoS in the country by getting rid of unregulated traffic

The Fraud Management solution addresses the next generation fraud threat by bringing together fraud management risk across all voice, data, messaging, IPTV and M-Commerce services, and evaluating the combined financial risk posed by a subscriber. This provides a single view of the subscriber, regardless of the mix of services they have subscribed to.