Revenue Assurance

Agilis International helps Telecom Regulator recover the 70% - 80% of revenue they lose in revenue chain leakage each year with our Revenue Assurance solution, our Analytics Engine that minimizes exposure by applying our advanced analytics to information they already produce in the network. Agilis International’s Revenue Assurance Analytics Engine monitors various control points throughout the revenue chains across all networks, products and services in an integrated, highly-scalable environment. Revenue Assurance analytics examine multiple control points including Subscriber, Interconnect Partners, Content Poviders / Aggregators, Pre-paid platforms and Roaming Reconciliation..

Our Revenue Assurance solution brings following key values to the Telecom Regulator:

  • Ensure the operators are declaring all their revenues accurately
  • Maximize the governments profits
  • Assess and manage the tariffs

Agilis International’s Revenue Assurance solution provides a platform to monitor various control points throughout revenue chains across networks, products and services in an integrated, highly-scalable environment. Some of the revenue chains covered by Revenue Assurance Solution include the following:

  • Subscriber Revenue Reconciliation
  • Interconnect Partner Revenue/Cost Reconciliation
  • Cable or Wireless Content Provider Revenue/Cost Reconciliation
  • Pre-paid Balance/Voucher Reconciliation
  • Roaming Reconciliation

Within each revenue chain, users can easily configure multiple control points to cover areas such as:

  • Pre-acquisition
  • Provisioning
  • Mediation
  • Billing
  • Usage
  • Interconnect Agreements
  • Incoming and Outgoing Interconnect Partner Volume/Billing
  • Content Provider Volume/Billing
  • Voucher Activation/Top Up
  • Pre-paid Balance